Training, Lessons, and Competing

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Riders from beginners to advanced are never too young or too old to start riding or driving! We teach all seats, hunt, saddleseat, and western, and we offer driving lessons as well! With hands-on learning experience in grooming and tacking, you will have an enjoyable one-on-one relationship with a horse.

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Twisted Rose Farm accepts a limited number of full service training clients who share our training philosophy. We treat all horses in training the same way we treat the farm’s show string including stalling and board, turnouts, exercise, and regular grooming.

We advise on and arrange for shoeing and veterinary care. Each horse’s care is customized according to its individual needs and its owner’s goals for their partnership.

Training includes four lessons per month. Out of town clients have access to the three lodging options at the farm for a small fee.


Twisted Rose is an active participant in the Morgan horse show circuit and encourages training customers to test their skills and their horse’s progress in these fun events. Check out our show schedule!